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Client Success Stories

We partner with a number of SMB's & Enterprise companies to help transform the way they work. Our clients benefit from cost efficiencies, improved speed to market & increased scalability.

Our Client Success Manager is dedicated to ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients, and projects are implemented with expedience and excellence.

CS -managed cloud

Our Clients

At PolarSeven, we use the Cloud to transform opportunities into business outcomes. We partner with companies who are pursuing success and sustainability in a secure and supported Cloud environment.

Benefit from our technical capabilities and experience when your partner with PolarSeven

We are committed to using our technical capabilities and experience to offer you the best Cloud solution and support that meet the needs of your business and your customers, today and tomorrow. When you partner with PolarSeven, you will benefit from our knowledge, availability and our flexible approach.

Cost Efficiencies

Our client was running on premise and decided that a move to the Cloud would halve their running costs and avoid a big capital outlay.


We migrated ‘True Alliance’ to the Cloud allowing their app to withstand sales surges and prevent past infrastructure failures.

Speed To Market

We built LivePro’s CICD pipeline which meant LivePro got 44% more features to market in the same time as before the pipeline was built.

Security At Scale

We transformed Reading Cinema App from a server based software to serverless super secure stacks at scale.

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