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Microsoft Workloads on AWS

PolarSeven has migrated and modernised Microsoft Workloads in the Cloud for a diverse range of Australian organisations. 

Let our team of experts help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly and cost-effectively on AWS.

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What PolarSeven Microsoft Services on AWS can do for you


We can help you get started running .NET and SQL powered applications and Windows workloads on AWS.

Integrate Microsoft Solutions

No matter how complex your systems, we can create integrated Microsoft solutions on AWS.

Automate Microsoft Deployments

Using our DevOps capabilities we can automate Microsoft deployments onto AWS.

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Windows EC2 Instances

We can configure and start EC2 Windows Instances on AWS, integrating networking, security, storage, and system management services on AWS.

Focus on Workloads

Our team has a specific focus on workloads based on Application Modernisation Solutions.

Optimise Licensing Options

We can help you select the best Windows licensing options and cost-optimise your AWS environment.

What PolarSeven Microsoft Services on AWS Can Do For You



Improve the security posture of your applications

Remove the complexities of managing and scaling your data centre

Optimise licensing costs associated with your Microsoft applications

Get end-to-end support for the whole environment that supports your business



Easily manage your Windows Server applications

Test, build & deploy Windows servers onto AWS

Configure and start EC2 Windows Instances on AWS

Leverage AWS Tooling for .NET, Lambda, CodeDeploy, S3 & Auto Scaling Groups


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