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Backup & Disaster Recovery

At PolarSeven, we're not just a service; we're your safeguard in the digital age. Our commitment is unwavering: to deliver top-tier backup and disaster recovery (DR) services that stand as pillars of data security and operational resilience. Harnessing the power of AWS's robust cloud infrastructure, we transform disaster recovery from a mere option to an essential component of your business strategy. It's time to future-proof your enterprise with PolarSeven, where safeguarding your data is our top priority.

Core Services

Safeguard your data with PolarSeven’s automated, secure, and customisable cloud-based backup services.

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Comprehensive Cloud Backup Solutions

With PolarSeven's cloud-based backup services, data security is more than a promise; it's a guarantee. Our automated backup solutions are tailored to provide flexibility, security, and ease, ensuring your data is always protected and within reach.


Cloud-Enabled Disaster Recovery (DR)

Minimise Impact, Maximise Resilience: Our cloud-enabled DR services are your shield against downtime. We provide swift and dependable recovery solutions, ensuring minimal business interruption, no matter the challenge.

Business Continuity Planning

Continuity is key: At PolarSeven, we go beyond mere recovery. Our integrated business continuity planning within our cloud services ensures your operations flow smoothly, without interruption.

Cloud Infrastructure and Service Management

Experience cloud computing like never before. Our comprehensive management of your cloud infrastructure from deployment to maintenance guarantees enhanced performance and compliance.

Key Benefits

Revolutionising data resilience and cloud management for modern businesses.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Automated and Regular Backup Schedules

Secure, Encrypted Storage in the Cloud

Customisable Backup Options for Every Business Need

Integrated Business Continuity Planning

Proactive Planning for Uninterrupted Operations

Scalable Solutions for Evolving Business Demands

Continuous Monitoring for Operational Stability

Cloud-Enabled Disaster Recovery (DR)

Rapid and Efficient Disaster Response

Tailored DR Plans for Your Business

Regularly Updated DR Protocols

Cloud Infrastructure and Service Management

Complete Management of Cloud Infrastructure

Optimised Performance and Security

Tailored Cloud Environments for Your Business Goals

Technical Infrastructure

AWS Services Integration: Leverage the best of AWS with PolarSeven. Our integration encompasses AWS Backup, IAM, Lambda, SNS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and AWS Organizations. We tackle challenges head-on, managing cross-account permissions, encryption, backup limits, and cost monitoring with finesse.



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