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DevOps and CI/CD

PolarSeven has built and deployed Cloud Solutions for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

PolarSeven excels in DevOps, a proven method where software developers collaborate closely with operations - working together on the entire product lifecycle, to create a quicker, more agile, and more competitive IT delivery.

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What PolarSeven DevOps Services can do for you



We conduct a stringent planning session to see your current environment as well as identify your organisational painpoints.


We will customise an architecture that includes scalability, monitoring, ease-of-use, feature control, and automated testing and releasing.


We create a platform that can
implement DevOps practices across development and operations teams, while applying stringent governance
and lifecycle best practices.


We make frequent and incremental changes to code that are automatically tested and deployed throughout the entire Testing and Delivery process.


We provide training and skill development to inculcate DevOps as a culture in your organisation, even as we convert your IT processes and
strategies into the DevOps model.

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Ongoing DevOps

We can, as an option, provide
continual support for your organisation, providing timely advice on techniques and infrastructure to support your growth.

What DevOps Can Do For You



Develop, test, and deploy your applications quickly and accurately

Happier, more engaged, and hence more productive teams

The quicker you get your software to the market, the bigger your competitive advantage

Deliver more, more efficiently, earning respect from senior management



Fewer mundane, repetitive tasks because of automation which means more time developing

Better communication leads to better software with less time spent on rework

Automation means fewer mistakes that stem from manual work, meaning less time spent on remediation

By working side-by-side, IT teams gain a better understanding of tasks and objectives, and support each other working towards a common goal


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