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Introducing the p7-KickStart program

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A short program to fast-track your journey to Public Cloud

Wherever you are on your Cloud journey, PolarSeven can help KickStart action to move you quickly towards your goals. We utilise a universally applicable framework to view your organisational situation from Six Perspectives. 
The analysis is delivered across two workshops over two days and we then present a customised Actionable Plan to KickStart you on the journey to Public Cloud. 
As every organisation will be at a different point on their journey, we will tailor the approach to your particular circumstances.  


Day One

The first workshop covers the three business perspectives and ideal participants would be the CEO, CFO, and CTO/CIO.

Business Perspective:
      Separate or integrated IT and Business Strategies
      TCO versus use-based cost models


Governance Perspective:
      IT Portfolio Management
      Project and Development Management
      Impacts on licensing


People Perspective: 
      Right people in the right seats
      Cloud competencies: build versus buy
      Cloud Centre of Excellence

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Day Two

The second workshop covers the three technical perspectives and ideal participants would be the CTO/CIO, Heads of Operations and Development.

Platform Perspective:
      Foundation Architecture
      Compute, Network, Storage and Databases
      App Development and CD/CI pipelines


Security Perspective:
      CISO - existing compliance 
      IAM, POLP, RBAC & Detective Control
      Incident Management


Operations Perspective:

      Business Continuity
      IT Services Catalogue & Inventory Management
      Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

For each Perspective, we will capture where you want to be, i.e., the future state you envision, as well as your existing baseline. After the workshops, we analyse the alignment between the two and create a pragmatic Actionable Plan which we present back to you in the final session. 

This KickStart enables you to confidently map out your next steps towards Public Cloud adoption.

PolarSeven has partnered with AWS to offer the complete p7-KickStart package for $5000. 


This program can be delivered virtually or in person.

Next Step:

To enquire about booking your p-7 KickStart package, simply click on the link below.

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