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Hear from industry leaders, experts, partners and clients what the latest AWS capabilities can do for your business.

PolarSeven Webinar Series

PolarSeven is committed to sharing industry knowledge, trends and best practices and building a community network for clients who want to learn, share and grow.


Each quarter, PolarSeven hosts webinars featuring industry leaders, experts, partners and clients. They present the latest AWS capabilities that can help your business deliver Cloud outcomes and answer questions.


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Past Webinars & Events

AWS Meetup - AI as an API & Ingesting Data with Lakehouse


See how Machine Learning can be used to solve the problem of Spam Filtering. Hilton Rosenfeld will go in-depth and create a deep learning model from multiple spam datasets and make that available as an API.

Ingesting Petabytes of data using a Lakehouse:

Data warehouses are a great and easy way to store and query data, but they tend to become impractical to operate and scale as your data grows.
A Lakehouse is a new architecture that combines the benefits of a data warehouse and a data lake. Learn how Rokt has migrated to a new data Lakehouse. Rokt's lakehouse is built on top of AWS EMR and Apache Iceberg. It currently processes 20k/rows per second.



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