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Webinars & Events

Hear from industry leaders, experts, partners and clients what the latest AWS capabilities can do for your business.

PolarSeven Webinar Series

PolarSeven is committed to sharing industry knowledge, trends and best practices and building a community network for clients who want to learn, share and grow.


Each quarter, PolarSeven hosts webinars featuring industry leaders, experts, partners and clients. They present the latest AWS capabilities that can help your business deliver Cloud outcomes and answer questions.


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Past Webinars & Events

Modernisation and Data Management


This is a network of developers, entrepreneurs and other professionals using or interested in using Amazon Web Services.


So if you want to hear more about AWS and learn from expert PolarSeven Consultants & each other about cool things you can do with AWS please join our group and come along to our monthly meeting.


There is no commitment or cost to joining this group, we love what we do and want to share our knowledge. Please extend the invitation to anyone you think may be interested in joining us and learning more.


Keep up to date with the latest news, blogs and case studies.

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