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Hear from industry leaders, experts, partners and clients what the latest AWS capabilities can do for your business.

PolarSeven Webinar Series

PolarSeven is committed to sharing industry knowledge, trends and best practices and building a community network for clients who want to learn, share and grow.


Each quarter, PolarSeven hosts webinars featuring industry leaders, experts, partners and clients. They present the latest AWS capabilities that can help your business deliver Cloud outcomes and answer questions.


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Past Webinars

Benefits of Cloud Modernisation in AWS Cloud

Meetup Oct 21 tile.png

Wednesday 08 September 2021
1.00pm - 2.00pm AEDT
Online Event

Brad Shaw, livepro

Adam Cousins, PolarSeven

This webinar explores the benefits of modernisation in AWS Cloud. Learn from livepro's experience of scaling in AWS Cloud and how it enabled them to grow their customer base globally.


Presenters include Brad Shaw (CEO, livepro) and Adam Cousins (Principal Cloud Consultant, PolarSeven).



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