Guroo Producer Optimised Their Disaster Recovery Situation With PolarSeven

Introducing Guroo Producer

Guroo Producer provides eLearning platforms for higher education, executive education and corporate learning and development. Learning designers can use these platforms to design and build interactive learning and distribute learning to their learners, and report on their results.

Guroo Producer offers two main applications:

  • PRODUCER — helps learning content creators scale their processes. Creators can create an account and begin producing content.

  • Guroo Academy — where learners access content, complete digital experiences, complete action learning tasks and earn micro-credentials.

Guroo Producer’s platforms are offered to three core markets:

  • Higher Ed.

  • Exec Ed.

  • Corporate L&D.

Guroo Producer is passionate about immersive and personalised learning. Their goal is to change both the learning experience and the learning creation process.

The goal: improve backup frequency

For this project, Guroo Producer wanted to improve the backup frequency of files uploaded to Amazon S3. They aimed to implement a solution that would copy everything from Amazon S3 into a disaster recovery (DR) account. Maintaining data sovereignty was part of this vision. They already had a system with both backups and the Amazon S3 versions as a safeguard, but wanted to further automate disaster recovery.

Guroo Producer also recognised the need to further protect their accounts from hackers. The solution for this would be a DR account. In the event of a disaster, their data would transfer to another account that they could access.

Ideally, their data would back up into the DR account every hour, giving them a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of one hour.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

When Guroo Producer started, they leveraged PHP and React. Now, they store all files in Amazon S3.

With Amazon S3, Guroo could replicate their data into other AWS regions (between Sydney and Singapore) for secure disaster recovery. However, Sydney-based users require data sovereignty, the practice of storing Australian data in Australia. To meet this need, PolarSeven custom-built a syncing solution that facilitates syncing between two accounts in the same region (from one Sydney account to another).

For Guroo Producer, the primary business outcome is the reduction of risk.

Now, all information in S3 is backed up every hour to the DR account. If Guroo Producer experiences a disaster, they have an RPO of one hour for their data and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of three hours.

PolarSeven also helped them implement a multiple account strategy with AWS. With one sign-in, Guroo has access to their developer, production and DR accounts.

Guroo and PolarSeven

Guroo engaged with PolarSeven two years ago. At that time, Adam Steff, Guroo Producer’s CTO, had set up the infrastructure himself but wanted to automate it. Adam was too busy to build the pipeline himself and reached out to AWS. They recommended PolarSeven.

Since then, PolarSeven has assisted Guroo Producer with modifications to their pipelines. Thanks to PolarSeven’s high standard of AWS work thus far, they were a natural choice for Guroo Producer’s disaster recovery project.

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