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livepro achieves greater security and fault tolerance by synchronising data and applications onto a separate AWS environment

Customer Details:

livepro is a Customer Service Knowledge Management solution designed to all business to be the single source of truth that consistently and quickly delivers the right answer to the customer, improving customer service, reducing errors, driving efficiencies, reducing training time and costs.

Business Need:

A faster more agile environment that was scalable and robust.


Implementation of RDS and S3 to provide more security and data separation. Instances were separated by the client to allow horizontal scaling and expansion to different AZ’s.


The final solution provided a scalable environment that was more secure and allowed further expansion without affecting the system performance.


Post Implementation Review With Igor Diamantino, development manager and backend developer of livepro

What were some pain points being experienced that prompted a search for a cloud services provider?

Our product is a SaaS solution that would fit perfectly in an environment such as AWS. Our previous host provider wasn’t being responsive enough on emergencies and most of the time we were spending too much money with no real benefits. AWS provided new possibilities to decrease costs and at the same time bringing a robust solution to our application.

What was the engagement process like? How was PolarSeven found?

We searched for companies on the internet that would not only provide managed services but that could create an environment where we could manage it ourselves while learning in the process.

What due diligence process was undertaken to minimise risk and ensure the best provider was successfully engaged?

The workshop Polar Seven provided solved a lot of doubts about how we could implement a solution that would attend our needs. The cost was acceptable and we minimized risks running tests and migrating clients to the new created environment gradually.

What solution was implemented within the business?

Our environment used to be a single server attending one individual client with no possibility of scaling. Our solution implemented RDS and S3 that gave us more security on our data, separated instances per client that can be scaled horizontally accordingly to use, a safe environment to access our server through VPN and possibility of expanding our servers to different regions without affecting the performance of our product.

How would you describe the project in terms of success?

The final solution provided a scalable environment that was more secure and allowed further expansion without affecting our system performance.

Polar Seven’s service to date has been great and we would recommend them to other organisations.

Do you see yourselves expanding to utilise more AWS services into the future?

We are definitely considering expanding our use of AWS.

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