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How secure is your Cloud?

Demonstrating security posture compliance

Cloud computing brings an enormous complexity of interacting components, often in a dynamic environment - all of which are subject to misconfiguration, mismanagement and simple human mistakes. How do you manage your Cloud security and compliance posture in the complex and dynamic environment?

As importantly, how do you demonstrate your level of compliance to the standard you have set yourself - be that ‘best practice’, Center for Internet Security (CIS), SOC2 or ISO 27000?

Can you demonstrate that you have restricted all administrative privileges to the absolute minimum, that you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in all the right places, that you have no vulnerabilities by virtue of misconfigured services which might leave open ports, or enable access to supposedly secure S3 buckets?

Fortunately there is a very simple assessment that can tell you how well your environment conforms to your chosen standard.


p7-Conformity is a cloud security and compliance posture Assessment. Using an industry leading toolset, PolarSeven can quickly measure your cloud security posture against a set of global standards such as AWS Well Architected best practice, SOC2, ISO 27000 and (CIS). Armed with this information, PolarSeven can advise, and if required implement, remediation steps to bring an environment up to an acceptable level of compliance with the standards.

p7-Conformity provides a security, compliance, and governance snapshot, designed to help you identify these misconfigurations of cloud resources (security posture) in a multi-cloud environment. It does this by identifying non-compliant issues, and providing reports that demonstrate current conformity of an environment against best practice.

Even if you just want to see how well your environment stacks up to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, p7-Conformity clearly displays the pillar of the Well-Architected Framework that each rule relates to. p7-Conformity provides complete visibility of your AWS infrastructure with a single dashboard enabling security professionals to view your risk status and violations with clear remediation steps for immediate resolution.


PolarSeven can install the tool and run out-of-the-box rules to quickly illustrate the extent of non-conformity of your AWS environment to your chosen standards base.

The p7-Conformity tool uses a custom access policy to view your cloud account metadata ( - there is no read or write access to your or your customers’ data).

The p7-Conformity outputs enable PolarSeven security professionals to view your risk status and violations and provide you with clear remediation steps for immediate resolution.

Importantly, p7-Conformity generates the reports you need to demonstrate your security compliance posture to your stakeholders.

As a SOC2 certified practitioner, PolarSeven is uniquely positioned to help you develop and maintain your security posture, whether that's SOC2, ISO 27000, CIS or AWS Well Architected.

Want to know more about how p7-Conformity can help you. Book a free consultation or callback, and our security professionals can discuss your unique circumstances and how p7-Conformity can validate your compliance posture.



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