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RaboDirect achieves automated deployment of their WordPress sites.

Customer Details

RaboDirect Australia is part of the Dutch Rabobank Group, founded in 1898 as a cooperative, by farmers for farmers.

Since humble beginnings in Holland over 100 years ago, Rabobank has become the world’s leading specialist food and agri-business bank and one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Globally, the Rabobank Group has more than 1,000 branches in over 40 countries.

Business Need

Rabodirect required automated deployment of their WordPress websites onto the AWS platform. An advanced AWS partner consultancy was sought to help.


PolarSeven provided upskilling, AWS strategy and migration services to create foundational AWS systems. The website pipeline is now a managed service, to ensure best practise website management.


  • Marketing websites have been deployed to the AWS platform

  • Ability to push sites from development to production with an approval process built in

Customer Background & Client Feedback

The regional subsidiary of RaboDirect, RaboDirect NZ works closely with both RaboDirect and Rabobank in the AU and NZ geographies. Rabobank currently has 61 branches throughout Australia and 32 branches in New Zealand while employing over 1,170 people in both countries.

The RaboDirect NZ Digital Team, was in market to migrate their websites to the Amazon Web Services Cloud, based on a Lightweight Hosting Platform architecture.

The Business Challenge

RaboDirect was in market to decrease their operational costs by leveraging the power of cloud computing. AWS was seen as the clear choice in cloud provider, with an advanced AWS Consulting Partner being put to a competitive bid process.

Rabo required an advanced partner consultancy, that could provide best practise AWS migration, deploying new environments and delivering to strict deadlines.

The challenge was the company needed to adhere to strict security and compliance requirements to ensure their proper use of public cloud environments.

Not only did Rabo need an advanced partner consultancy with best practice migration experience, that partner also needed to be competitively priced in market.

What was the engagement process with PolarSeven like?

What due diligence process was undertaken to minimise risk and ensure the best provider was successfully engaged?

A strategy workshop was held to gather requirements, determine project scope and produce a clearly defined schedule.

Upon sign off from key stakeholders, the project schedule with key milestones, and two consultants were assigned to commence work.

A two man team structure works best to speed up the delivery process, effectively manage costs whilst maintaining the original project timeframes. Weekly update meetings were held to monitor progress and adjust timeframes if required.


The LHP provides an agile framework for Rabobank Digital teams to quickly develop, maintain, and deploy marketing websites through an automated build and release pipeline, approval workflow, and GIT repositories.

Leveraging the AWS infrastructure provides a cost-effective, reliable and secure solution with built-in redundancy, logging and back-ups, and the ability to scale operations up (or down) as required.

Business Benefits

The LHP provides a local, flexible and secure solution for Rabobank and RaboDirect across both AU and NZ to effectively communicate with their customers, stripping complexity for teams in the region over the current European-based hosting environment and eliminating the time lost liaising with vendor support out of local support time zones.

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