ClickView lifts user experience and halves costs with AWS

In summary:

ClickView improved reliability and cut costs, by migrating from Windows to Linux on AWS, containerising applications, and introducing auto-scaling.

Customer Details

ClickView is an Australian-grown success story, often dubbed the “Netflix of Education”. Their e-learning platform streams thousands of online videos for primary, secondary and tertiary education students in Australia and the UK.

Just like Netflix, ClickView began by hosting third party content, and progressed to adding its own in-house production studio. ClickView uses a data-first approach to commissioning. That way they can guarantee that the content they are producing specifically for educational curriculums is relevant and will be watched by their users.

ClickView’s focus on Australian and British educational institutions allows them to provide educational video content directly linked to national curriculum key learning outcomes. We will not be surprised if ClickView expands to other countries over time, replicating their successful model for other education systems around the world.

A problem of scale

Every digital native business wants to scale up: more users, more revenue, and more life to the business in the long term. Scale means three things for ClickView:

  1. More schools, students and educators accessing world-class educational videos

  2. Greater number of users online, consuming content, at a given time

  3. Increase in the total amount of content available

ClickView must manage varying demands on compute and storage, which can spike suddenly and unpredictably. If the platform does not respond quickly to an increase in usage, ClickView users will notice lag and have a poor online experience.

On the other hand, ClickView must scale down resources at the right points in time each day, to avoid mounting IT costs.

PolarSeven and ClickView | Powered by AWS

Before engaging PolarSeven, ClickView ran Windows servers hosted on multiple AWS clusters. PolarSeven reduced ClickView’s costs swiftly by migrating their applications to Linux, each running in a single Docker container. Containerisation decreased the total number of EC2 clusters, reducing admin and again cutting costs.

PolarSeven also introduced load balancing and auto-scaling to ensure the ClickView platform automatically responds to demand, and scales down keeping costs low when fewer users are online.

Specific outcomes for ClickView

  1. Major schools and even entire Departments of Education rely on ClickView to deliver core educational outcomes, and ClickView is subject to strict Service Level Agreements. As a result of PolarSeven’s engagement, ClickView has improved reliability which helps achieve SLAs without stress.

  2. Thanks to the switch from Windows to Linux, ClickView reduced platform costs by roughly 50%.

Why PolarSeven?

ClickView naturally gravitated toward PolarSeven, as both companies work in similar ways and are aligned in their tech and work culture perspectives. ClickView worked with PolarSeven on previous AWS projects and saw good outcomes the first time, making it an easy choice.

About PolarSeven

PolarSeven is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with the mission to accelerate adoption of cloud technologies, help clients reduce time-to-market for their applications, and control costs. p7 focuses on successful outcomes for customers, long term client self-sufficiency and good change management, adding value to clients and their users.

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