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Top AWS trends you can’t ignore​

There’s no denying cloud has changed the game, significantly transforming operational, growth and security capabilities for businesses globally. But it’s not done yet – the cloud landscape is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace and AWS are leading the charge. 

Staying on top of the current AWS trends and changes in the cloud spaces is absolutely crucial for business leaders, IT professionals, and companies looking to leverage the cloud for enhanced efficiency and innovation. 

Some trends, like AI and machine learning, are widely discussed and front of mind. But others get far less attention – despite delivering huge benefits for those who choose to adopt them. 

Here, we’ll be discussing four key AWS trends that business and IT leaders can’t afford to ignore if they’re looking to maintain cloud momentum. 

The top AWS Cloud trends shaping the industry in 2024 

1. Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Strategies 

Adopting hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategies can sound counterintuitive, and often, there are concerns about the impact on data security. The reality is that there are incredible flexibility and security advantages to adopting these strategies. 

Storing data across multiple AWS cloud data centres (whether across private and public (hybrid) or multiple public clouds (multi-cloud)) can offer businesses increased flexibility by enabling them to choose the best cloud for specific tasks. 

Diversifying the storage of important and sometimes confidential business data can also improve the security of data and enhance disaster recovery plans, reducing recovery time. 


2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration 

Virtual assistants and bots aren’t necessarily new, but what AWS is doing with them is. Utilising the rapidly expanding capabilities of AI and machine learning, AWS is incorporating AI assistants that learn from past decisions and processes to improve the speed and accuracy of future tasks. This is allowing organisations to more easily and effectively automate tasks and draw valuable insights without additional resources. 

These assistants can be utilised in a range of ways, including predicting customer behaviour, automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing decision-making, leading to better customer service and operational efficiencies. 

3. Serverless Computing 

Similar to many pay-for-what-you-use SaaS offerings, AWS serverless computing is a cloud computing model that allows developers to build and run applications without managing the underlying server infrastructure. It is most commonly used for tasks like data processing, IoT and web and mobile backends. 

AWS serverless computing reduces IT costs and simplifies operations by removing server management tasks, reducing operational complexity, allowing for significant scalability and ensuring more responsive and adaptable application design. 

4. Sustainability through improved energy efficiency 

Cloud delivers so many operational benefits that few think about some of the drawbacks – like the significant energy use required to operate cloud environments and data centres. AWS are focusing on making its data centres more eco-friendly factories that use less power and more renewable energy, reducing environmental impact. 

This helps organisations to better meet their own sustainability requirements and targets, aligning with growing consumer and regulatory demand for greener business practices. 

Making the most of continuous AWS cloud innovation 

When the possibilities keep on growing, it’s important that organisations are supported to make the most of the services available to them and keep on top of changes, challenges and new opportunities.  

AWS is leading the way in the innovation of cloud services and capabilities, continuously looking to how they can use the technology and intelligence available to them to take current offerings further and develop new and improved services. 

For business and IT leaders, the first step is to stay aware of these trends. The second is to always consider if and how these trends can be incorporated into current business strategies or adopted to improve internal processes. 

If you’re looking to adopt or better optimise AWS capabilities across your business, PolarSeven provides guidance and support to hundreds of businesses across Australia to implement and maximise AWS. Get in touch for more information.  

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