Are you Well-Architected?

Optimise workloads with AWS Well-Architected

Accelerate modernisation by building and operating secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for systems using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework. PolarSeven will work with you to conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review, evaluating architectures for high-risk issues, and then making recommendations and offering improvement plans that are based on AWS Well-Architected best practices.

Realise the value of implementing AWS architectural best practices

Gain an understanding of the pros and cons that apply to the decisions made when designing and building systems on AWS. By following the guidance provided by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and PolarSeven, you will be able to measure your architectures against proven best practices, and more rapidly identify areas that may need improvement. From there, you can subsequently develop and implement improvement plans that will help reduce risks in your workloads.

Benefits of Well-Architected

  • Faster build and deployment timeframes: Consistently apply processes and procedures on a solid infrastructure to drive efficiency and allow apps to be built and deployed more quickly

  • Reduced Risk: Identify issues before they become problems by thoroughly reviewing your systems using the AWS Well-Architected Framework with PolarSeven

  • Consistency: AWS Well-Architected provides a consistent and time-tested approach for regularly evaluating architectures

  • Achieve Cost Savings: Apply cost optimisation techniques that make the most effective use of services and resources to achieve desired business outcomes as cost effectively as possible.

PolarSeven Well-Architected Review

Reviewing the state of your workloads and implementing AWS Well-Architected best practices can help you discover untapped opportunities for cost reductions, improved application performance, and risk mitigation. An AWS Well-Architected Review covers the five pillars:

  1. Operational Excellence: ensures the running and monitoring of your platform delivers business value, while continually improving processes and procedures.

  2. Security: ensures the running and monitoring of your platform delivers business value, while continually improving processes and procedures.

  3. Reliability: ensures your platform is resilient and recovers quickly from failures -to meet business and customer demand.

  4. Performance Efficiency: ensures you are utilising the correct workloads for the requirements and ensuring efficiency as business needs evolve.

  5. Cost Optimisation: ensures you are selecting the right number of resource types, analysing spend over time, and scaling to meet business needs without overspending. Implementing findings of the review will ensure your environment is robust and fit for purpose and able to sustainably support your strategic business objectives.

How it works

A Well-Architected Review can be completed over a period of 5 days, with you and your team investing just one full day in workshops with our Principal Consultants covering Current and Future State Analyses. The Workshop outputs include: a Solution Blueprint, a Proposal to help you find opportunities for significant cost savings, improved application performance, and reduced security risks; as well as indicative costs and project timelines.

Your Investment is Cost Neutral

Though there is an initial charge of $5,000 for the full Review, you will receive credits to a minimum of this amount against any subsequent engagement and/or usage credits against any subsequent AWS bill.

Whatever your next step, PolarSeven is ready to help you take it. Book a free consultation below to understand what your best options are.