Application Modernisation

Application modernisation project improves automation and account provisioning

A Government department with over 10,000 employees wanted to find a way of managing their AWS accounts and migrate their applications to a new cloud environment.


  • Their private cloud environment had been organically grown over time with no standardised processes in place at the outset. Their applications were within the same AWS account, and there was no separation between the developers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

  • Multiple accounts built for different teams that were difficult to manage because there was no standardisation

  • Only had visibility of a single account, but they had different Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) for the Production and Non-Production accounts. Some applications were in the same account, in others multiple accounts were set up for different teams – this exposed apps to security risks and increased the risk of damaging other apps.

  • In some cases roles were over segregated, in others under segregated making the environment and security difficult to manage and difficult to work in.


  • Conducted a Well Architected Framework Review (WAFR) prior to engagement to measure the environment against the five pillars of the AWS best practice Well-Architected Framework.

  • PolarSeven built a new environment from the ground up, complete with AWS Control Tower to automate multi-account set up based on AWS Landing Zone ensuring multi-account compliance and governance was built in as a foundation.

  • Application deployment automation – streamlined application delivery for reliability and accessibility.

  • The environment was built to align with the framework and address many of the highest priority improvements suggested by the review.

  • Worked closely with the engineers to heighten their understanding of DevOps and the toolsets required to support the new environment.


  • The client has an understanding of architecture, security, and automation when implementing new features, applications or services.

  • AWS toolsets facilitate automation for faster time to release or delivery changes.

  • Provision accounts with ease – landing zone ensures that any workload on the AWS platform has access and security controls built-in.

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